Emergency Preparedness

Bomb Threat Checklist

Printable PDF Checklist

Information to note:

  1. Call Date
  2. Call Time
  3. Exact Words of Caller

Statements by Caller/Questions to Ask (if possible):

  1. WHEN is bomb going to explode
  2. WHERE is the bomb
  3. WHAT kind of bomb is it
  4. What will cause it to explode
  5. Did you place the bomb
  6. Why
  7. Did Caller Identify Self by Name/Affiliation

Description of Caller

  1. Gender
  2. Speech pattern or distinguishing vocal characteristics
  3. Voice (e.g. calm, rapid, slurred, uneducated, angry, excited)
  4. Background Noises: (e.g. electronics [music], traffic, horns/sirens,  people, aircraft, etc.)
  5. Person receiving call
  6. Phone # at which call received

REMEMBER: Stay calm, do NOT hang up phone after call has ended. Use another phone to call 911 & campus Public Safety (320-308-3333)

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