Emergency Preparedness

Bomb Threat


  • Remain calm and listen to the caller carefully.      
    • Do not interrupt the caller except to obtain information about the bomb.
  • DO NOT hang up after the threatening caller has ended the call. The call may be able to be traced.
  • Call 911
  • Have threat-related information available to answer the dispatcher's questions:      
    • Your name (speak slowly and spell your last name)
    • Your location (St. Cloud State University; building name and address (see CAMPUS MAP building addresses are listed on the individual building page)
    • Identify the emergency (bomb threat on the phone).
    • Request officer response (give specific location to respond to).
    • Provide call back number (land line phone or cellular phone).
    • Notify Public Safety (320-308-3333)
    • DO NOT discuss with others unless directed to so by authorities.

Suspicious  Package/Circumstances

Notify SCSU Public Safety (320-308-3333).

  • Do NOT touch,  move or open a suspicious item.
  • Do NOT alarm others or cause panic – Do NOT discuss with others unless directed to do so.
  • Do NOT initiate fire alarm unless authorized to do so (Some explosive devices are sound sensitive and can be detonated by loud noise).

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