Emergency Preparedness

911 Operator Calls

The following are questions that the 911  operator will most likely ask when you call:

  • How many subjects did you observe?
  • What was the exact location by which the subject(s) entered the building?
    [Note: Provide the building’s name if  known. Each building on campus has its own street address.]
  • What time did you observe the subject(s) enter the building?
  •  If known, what type of weapon(s) did you observe (e.g. rifle, shotgun, pistol, etc.?)
  • A description of the subject, to include:
    (Remember: Details are important.)
    1. height,
    2. weight,
    3. build,
    4. gender,
    5. distinguishing features,
    6. hair color, style and length,
    7. complete clothing description, etc.
  • Did you observe the subject before he/she entered the building? Did you see them exit a vehicle; if so, what is the description of  vehicle (include make, model, color, license plates number and state  designation) and where is vehicle parked?

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