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Approval of university sponsored domestic travel requests by students, faculty, or staff will continue to be subject to adherence to guidance and local advisories.


University Sponsored Travel

In an effort to protect the safety and welfare of our students and employees as we return to travel, St. Cloud State has developed the following guidelines to aide in travel during COVID-19.  


Pre-travel procedures: 

Employees are required to meet the travel authorization requirements, additional travel expense reimbursement information is available that the SCSU Business Services Travel/Business Expenses website.

Students traveling with student organizations are required to follow the travel guidelines available on the Department of Campus Involvement’s Events and Travel Planning website.

University funds, that cannot be refunded, should not be committed prior to travel being approved by the President. Beginning June 1, the University President is authorized to approve travel within the United States. The Minn State System Office is still restricting international travel. Sent all travel authorization documents to the President’s Office for final review and approval. 


Traveling Procedures:

Masks are required on planes, busses, trains and other forms of public transportation traveling into, within, or out of the United States and in U.S. transportation hubs such as airports and stations. For more information, visit CDC: Requirement for Face Masks on Public Transportation Conveyances and at Transportations Hubs.


Bus/Van Travel (University owned/operated/contracted): 

Members of the travel party must adhere to the following: 

  • Travel parties should make every effort to provide each traveler with his/her own seat on the bus or van. In the case enough seats are not available due to travel party size, conversation should take place with Director of Emergency Preparedness.
  • Vans will be limited to 50% capacity (unless antigen tested the morning of travel with a negative result)
  • Each member will be masked the duration of travel. Eating time without a mask should be minimized.
  • Bus drivers will be masked the duration of travel
  • Bus driver must clear an antigen test prior to travel. Please arrange with bus company as part of travel plans.
  • When possible, the seat immediately behind the bus driver should remain unoccupied to provide additional physical distancing



Hotel stays will be limited whenever possible. Students should be assigned one person per bed, so generally two people per room. If more than two people, a roll out bed must be provided. Travel party members should avoid congregating in public areas of the hotel, including lobbies, fitness centers, and pool areas. Visitors, including family members, are not allowed in travelers’ rooms.


Conduct while at institutional venues: 

All travel party members must comply fully with the institutional protocols of hosting sites.


COVID symptoms while traveling: 

In the case a member of the travel party demonstrates COVID symptoms while traveling, the organization/team/group advisor and the Director of Emergency Preparedness should be notified immediately. Significant symptoms will require the travel party member to stay in that location for quarantine until they are able to safely travel home. If limited symptoms, the travel party member will need to be transported separate from the travel party. Contingency plans should be in place prior to each trip and discussed with the Director of Emergency Preparedness. A travel kit including N-95 mask, face shield, and other appropriate PPE will be provided for parties traveling via ground transportation. If transporting a symptomatic/positive traveler back to St. Cloud, a vehicle with a 3rd bench seat is preferable to provide additional distance between the driver and travel party member. 


**Travel policies are subject to change based upon current information and status of COVID transmission with our department and community. 


Personal Travel

Updated travel information can be found at:


International Travel

For the 2021 Fall semester, campuses in the Minnesota State system can continue to plan for future semester study abroad experiences and short-term study abroad trips. However, St. Cloud State needs to consider the many decision points in planning for study abroad and study away that allow for opportunities to review the situation and act appropriately. We will continue to monitor changes to travel restrictions and provide updates, if and when the system wide international travel ban is modified or rescinded.


This information is subject to change in response to the evolving conditions of COVID-19.


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