Emergency Preparedness: COVID-19

Bring Huskies Home - Wash Your Hands | Wear a Mask | Social Distance

Residential Hall Restrictions


Effective 11:59 P.M. Friday November 20 – 11:59 P.M.  Sunday, January 24

We are thrilled to begin Spring Semester with a renewed sense of optimism for 2021!  The number of COVID-19 cases in MN and our surrounding area are on the decline and local health care providers are working to address cases. While these are all positive signs, we are moving forward with caution in the Residence Halls as we begin the Spring 2021 semester.
In consultation with Minnesota Department of Health and Minnesota State, we will continue to lay low for the first two weeks of Spring Semester through Sunday, Jan. 24. 
In conjunction with our ongoing efforts to Protect the Pack:
  • Outside guests are not currently allowed to visit residence hall students in the living areas of the residence communities.
    • Outside guests are people who do not currently live in one of the University’s Residence Communities.
    • The living areas of the residence communities are the spaces that require card/key access for entry.
  • Outside guests may be in entrance/common areas of residence community such as building lobbies and reception areas.
  • Residence hall students may not bring outside guests past card/key access points and into living areas.
  • Outside guests found in violation of this restriction will be asked to leave.

Exceptions for Move-In and Move-Out Assistance: 

  • Students are allowed a maximum of two guests who meet the following criteria for exception:
    • Students moving in to the residence halls/apartments for spring semester.
    • Student who are relocating to a new residence hall room/apartment for spring semester.
    • Students with an approved housing agreement cancellation.
  • Students needing move-in/move-out assistance who meet these criteria do not need to request an exception; helpers who are carrying belongings will not be asked to leave. 
Most members of our residential community have traveled or visited loved ones over Winter Break. We ask that you ‘lay low’ for the next two weeks by reducing the amount of contact you have with others.  Activities such as attending in-person classes, small group meetings with social distancing, and participating in individual physical activities are appropriate. We will continue to encourage virtual events in lieu of social gatherings.
We appreciate your efforts to lay low over the next two weeks!  
Go Huskies!