Emergency Preparedness: COVID-19

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Campus Safety Levels

The Campus Safety Level system is based on indicators such as levels of transmission, campus resources, and community infection rates.  It also relies on guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health, local public health, and campus medical professionals. 

The SCSU President’s Cabinet will determine the campus safety level.

Below is a summary of the levels, corresponding actions, and some of the main indicators that inform the setting of the safety level.


What the colors mean:

Scenario 1 Green: Low Transmission

Transmission levels see as manageable.


  • Close contacts can be identified at the time of interview during contact tracing
  • Designated on-campus isolation and quarantine spaces are less than 50% full
  • K-12 indicators: less than 10 cases per 10,000 over two week period

Campus Actions

  • Assign a designated point of contact and contact tracing support roles
  • Follow COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, including the identification of those counties for which the campus will actively track transmission trends
  • Implement physical distancing
  • Work with MDH/local public health on contact tracing, as needed
  • Additional actions as recommended by MDH guidance


Scenario 2 Yellow: Medium Transmission

Transmission levels are beginning to tax campus resources.


  • Infections continue increasing over 14 day period in the county(ies) as identified in local Preparedness Plan
  • More than 1% of campus cases, defined as students coming to or residing on campus, infected with 14-day period
  • More than 5% of campus cases have unknown links to another case over 7-day period
  • 50-75% of SCSU’s isolation and quarantine beds are full
  • Routine testing capacity starting to be a concern
  • Less than 14 days of PPE remaining on campus
  • K-12 indicators: 10-30 cases per 10,000 over a 14-day period

Campus Actions

If two or more indicators are met, SCSU administrators will consider implementing these mitigation efforts:

  • Cancelling events and activities that bring larger groups of students together
  • Reinforcing healthy Husky behavior expectations
  • Operating classrooms at partial capacity to allow for safe physical distancing
  • Extra communication and precautions for high risk individuals


Scenario 3 Orange: High Transmission

Transmission levels have further depleted or exhausted campus resources.


  • Infections continue to increase over two week period after Yellow Level mitigation efforts were put into place
  • More than 3% of campus cases are infected within a 14 day period, considering where spread is occurring
  • More than 75% of isolation and quarantine beds are full
  • Lack of adherence to mitigation strategies
  • Other internal metrics of capacity and staffing suggest additional mitigation is needed
  • K-12 indicator: more than 30 cases per 10,000 over a 14-day period

Campus Actions

If two or more indicators are met, SCSU administrators will consider implementing these mitigation efforts:

  • Suspending additional in-person activities
  • Scaling back in-person student support services
  • Cancelling specific class section or campus events
  • Restricting outside access to residence halls
  • Moving to grab-and-go options for dining


Scenario 4 Deep Orange: Sustained Level of High Transmission in the Community

Sustained level of high transmission in the community


  • Transmission levels have seriously depleted or exhausted institutional, community, or state resources, or the stat is experiencing extensive community-wide spread.

Campus Actions

  • Implement campus-wide "lay low" period
  • Scale back extracurricular activities/clubs/organizations
  • Impose a campus curfew from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.
  • As much as possible, move student support services to virtual format
  • Postpone or cancel third party events


Scenario 5 Red: Sustained High Risk of Transmission

Transmission levels have seriously depleted or exhausted institutional resources


  • Additional mitigation efforts do not improve indicators over a two-week period.

Campus Actions

  • Suspend additional in-person activities
  • Shift to remote-only operations
  • Cancel campus events





This information is subject to change in response to the evolving conditions of COVID-19. Revised: 1/8/2021


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