Education Abroad

Education Abroad Office Scholarship

Award Criteria

  • Must be accepted to an education abroad program upon award of scholarship


  • 1st place: Semester/academic year program = up to $2,000/Short term program = up to $1,000

  • 2nd place: Semester/academic year program = up to $1,000/Short term program = up to $500


This is a multi-step application process:

  1. Apply on the Huskies Scholarship website
  2. Students with the top proposals will give presentations to the scholarship committee
    • 10-15 minutes in length
    • Everything must be original material (i.e. no YouTube video(s) unless created by you)Presentation should address the following:
      • Must connect to education abroad in some way
      • What do you hope to gain from this program and how does this connect to your own personal goals
      • Explain why receiving this scholarship is important to your experience
    • How you accomplish this is entirely up to you but creativity is key
    • Followed by 5-10 minute question answer from the Scholarship Committee

Deadlines for this scholarship

  • Winter/Spring: Nov. 1

  • Summer/Fall: April 1

Presenters will be notified 

  • Winter/Spring: Nov. 15

  • Summer/Fall: April 15

If you are not notified by the date above then you were not selected to present.

Presentations are scheduled based on availability of the committee.