Department of Economics

Seminar Series

Students have a chance to ask questions of the economists who present rigorous research on key economic issues at our Seminar Series. Topics have included ethics, the impact of leadership styles, monetary policy and reformation of firms owned by the Chinese state. Visit the Repository at St. Cloud State University for papers and presentations by visiting economists.


Monica Garcia-Perez, St. Cloud State University

The Effect of Minimum Wage on Immigrant and Minority Workers in a Local Economy

Mana Komai, St. Cloud State University

Cultural Identity and Social Conflict: Theory and Experiment


Gary Hoover, University of Oklahoma

Plagiarism in the Social Sciences

Andrew Cassey, Washington State University

The Localization of Processed Food Products Over Time

Michael Sale, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Municipal management of property valuations for rates purposes: a market-based municipal assessment model versus an attributes-based hedonic price model


Pierre Callies, St. Cloud State University Geography Graduate Student

Does the commute duration between an interchange and a property affect the demand for such property?

Mana Komai, St. Cloud State University

Anti-Social Behavior in Hierarchical Groups

Dawei (David) Qu, Visiting Professor from Shanghai University of Engineering Science 

The Subjective Well-being of Rural-Urban Migrants in China

Philip Grossman, Monash University

Deconstructing Giving: Donor Types and How They Give

Mana Komai, St. Cloud State University

Leader Transparency in a Sequential Game

Mana Komai, St. Cloud State University

An Experimental Study of Leadership Styles in Collective Action Games


Mana Komai, St. Cloud State University

An Experimental Study of Leadership Styles

Mana Komai, St. Cloud State University

Leadership and Effective Information Transmission


Joshua Broady Preiss, Mankato State University

Why Does Ethics Matter to Economics? Preiss argues that economics without consideration of ethics is of limited use to policymakers and a society that aims to further human well-being, and therefore undermines democratic discourse. He argues that the discipline of economics, and society as a whole, benefits when economists study ethics.


Yanping Chong, Winona State University

Fundamentals-Based Exchange Rate Predictability Over the Business Cycle

Hendrik Van den Berg, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A Green Solow Model: Slow Down and Be Very Careful!

Ming Chien Lo, St. Cloud State University

Interpreting U.S. Monetary Policy Using the Taylor rule: A Regime-Switching Approach

Zhaofeng Wang, Nankai University

Reformation, Developing and Governance of Chinese State's Firms