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Student Huskies Showcase Presenters


Sponsor – Patricia Hughes

Sponsor – Lynn MacDonald

Student Research Presenters


Sponsor – Nimantha Manamperi
  • Valentine Nimahire: “Overcoming the resource curse in Sub-Saharan Africa: Governance and Macroeconomic Policies” - 82nd Annual Meeting of the Midwest Economics Association, Evanston, IL (2018).
  • Taisiia Stanisshevka: “Refugee crisis and its impact on crime trends in Germany” - 2018 Winter Institute - St. Cloud State University (2018).

Student Research Colloquium Presenters


Sponsor – Monica Garcia-Perez
  • Ryan Bolduc: Immigration in Central Minnesota and St. Cloud Area
  • Honorat Donou: Immigration in Central Minnesota and St. Cloud Area
  • Onyedimma Nwachuku: Immigration in Central Minnesota and St. Cloud Area
  • Sean Schlosser: Immigration in Central Minnesota and St. Cloud Area
  • Taisiia Stanishevska: Immigration in Central Minnesota and St. Cloud Area


Sponsor – Lynn MacDonald
  • Zac Carter: Determinants of Police Expenditures


Sponsor – David Switzer
  • Alynda Her: Economic Analysis of Market Share and Market Growth: Determinants in Advertising Sales Ratios
  • Christopher Johnson: Economic and Governmental Determinants of Bank Failures
  • Matthew Kroiss: The Effects of Family Characteristics on Student Performance
  • Brian Miller: The Impact Successful NFL Franchises Have on Their Respective Metropolitan Area GDP and Employment
  • Chase Steinbring: Happiness and Productivity in the United States
  • Andrew Williams: Characteristics of High Schools That Contribute to Future Success
  • Drayton Wipper: The Effect of Military Service on the Standard of Living


Sponsor – King Banaian
  • Katie Kotschevar: Effect of Student Loan Debt on Homeownership
Sponsor – Mana Komai
  • Siu-Pong Lo: Experimental Economics: Leadership and Trust
Sponsor – Lynn MacDonald
  • Mitch Holthaus: Education Finance and its Affect on Youth Crime
  • Nikhil Joshi: Foreign Aid and Growth: A Case Study of Nepal
  • Daniel Shima: Alcohol Consumption and Crime Rate
  • Zachary Carter: How Unemployment Affects Local Crime Rates
  • Brent Larson: Effect of Health on Household Income
  • Colin Udvig: Cryptocurrency
  • Brian Barnes: Efficiency of Minnesota Public High Schools
  • Alec Jenniges: Determining Player Value in the National Basketball Association
  • Andrew Keck: The Impact of Professional Sports Stadiums on Housing Values
  • ZhiChao Diao: The Effect of Information Technology on Productivity in the U.S.


Sponsor – Lynn MacDonald
  • Mengmei (Maggie) Yin: Chinese Style Privatization and its Impact on GDP Growth


Sponsor – Patricia Hughes
  • Reuben Aleckson: Major Default: Are Student Loan Default Rates Impacted by YourChoice of Degree?
  • Nicollet Buchmayer: Entertainment or Economics
  • Chad Johnson: Local Government Budgets and the Great Recession
  • Chadwick Kunkel: Student Loan Default Rates: Are They Headed Towards a Financial Crisis?
  • Michael Rajewsky: The Economic Impact of Professional Sports Franchises: Are They Worth Public Subsidization?
  • Joseph Spann: How Crude is the Price You Pay at the Pump?
Sponsor – Ken Rebeck
  • Wen Lian: Importance of Being First: First Generation College Students and Academic Achievement
  • Zeqing Lu To: Stay or Not To Stay: Labor Markets and International Students’ Propensity to Stay in theUnited States

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