Department of Computer Science and Information Technology


Some examples of our students' projects:

Computer Puppetry

Lyosha Blinnikov
Computer puppetry is the process of animating an on-screen figure, making it follow a predefined set of movements. Blinnikov's project animates a stick figure's walk in both 2D and 3D.

(0,1) - Matrix - Vector Products Via Compression by Induction of Hierarchical Grammars

Aaron Webb and Andrew A. Anda
Webb and Anda demonstrate a method for reducing the number of arithmetic operations within a (0; 1)- matrix vector product by employing SEQUITUR, an algorithm developed for lossless text compression, which generates a context free grammar derived from an inherent hierarchy of repeated sequences.

See Who Wins this time! Java Applet

DeBruycker, Leah M.
DeBruycker's project was developed as a Computer Science 310 Operating Systems assignment that required writing a program in Java with red, blue, green and yellow threads that each would take a random walk around a 10x10 grid. The first thread to hit all squares wins. When a thread is the first on a square it paints its color there. Second or third visitors to a square turn the square orange. Squares turn magenta/pink after all four walkers visit. When all are finished, the winning thread paints all squares its color. Results are different each time.