Department of Criminal Justice Studies

Degree Maps and Elective Rotation Schedule

Degree maps

Elective Course Rotation

Elective course rotation for fall and spring semesters
Fall Spring
CJS 325 Comparative Criminal Justice CJS 401 Introduction to Gang Issues
CJS 446 Child Abuse in the Criminal Justice System CJS 424 Forensic Photography (FS)
CJS 450 Juvenile Justice System CJS 425 Sex Crimes and Sex Offenders
CJS 457 White Collar Crime (CY) CJS 445 Crisis Intervention
CJS 473 Criminal Justice and the Media CJS 461 Juvenile Legal Process
CJS 484 Forensic Victimology (FS) CJS 489 Seminar in Criminal Justice
CJS 496 Crime Analysis, Mapping and Profiling (CY)

Cybersecurity elective (CY); Forensic Science minor elective (FS)

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