Community Psychology, Counseling and Family Therapy

Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Community Partnerships

We have developed a supportive network of community partnerships, where students can excel in clinical skills training, program development, social justice advocacy, cultural fluency and agency consultation.

Faculty members align those partnerships with the CMHC program mission. Students work alongside faculty to integrate classroom knowledge into their experiences.

Recent partnerships include:

  • Neighborhood Involvement Program (N.I.P.) – Students participated in revising group programing to meet trends in trauma-informed care with survivors of sexual trauma.
  • Catholic Charities (La Cruz) – Students participated in service learning activities with children from diverse cultural backgrounds. Students directed skills-based groups, participated in the grant writing process and developed training video on basic counseling skills to prepare future site mentors.
  • SCSU Counseling and Psychological Services – Students participated in prevention-based educational materials and training for the  campus community on various mental health issues.
  • Mental Health First Aid training - Students participated in this cross-campus (SCSU and St. Paul College) project to receive training in MHFA.
  • Recover Health Resources - Students and alumni participate in a grant-funded community project to train clinicians who will work with trauma of refugee populations. [PDF]