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Masters Recognition and Commencement Reception

PLEASE NOTE – The COSE Master's Recognition and Commencement Reception is a separate event from University Commencement with its own registration process. If you want to register for the University Commencement, use the Commencement button on the right.

COSE is inviting Spring 2022 Master’s graduates to the COSE Master's Recognition (Hooding Ceremony) and Reception at 10 a.m. on May 6, 2022 in the Brown Hall Auditorium (BH108). Please register for this event using the form below.

All graduates interested in attending the university-wide Commencement Ceremony will need to register through a separate process using the button above.

Registered Graduates:

A check-in location will be set up in the hallway immediately outside of the auditorium. Please check-in upon arrival

Please bring your regalia and hood with you for the ceremony. We will ask that one of your guests perform the placing of the hood. If you do not have someone available to do this let us know at check-in.

The ceremony should take between one hour and 90 minutes in total. We will take photos during the event, though family and friends are certainly welcome to take photos as well. We will have a large screen set up in the Brown Hall Auditorium hallway scrolling through the graduates names – this is another popular spot for photos either before or after the ceremony.

Most of all, we want to extend our congratulations to all of you and express how excited we are to gather as a college in celebration of your achievements.

If you have any questions, please contact the COSE Dean’s Office at

Thank you and Go Huskies!


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