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CyberCorps Scholars

Corey Burns

Corey BurnsCorey is a CyberCorps scholar in the first semester of the Information Assurance graduate program and will be attending SCSU until graduating in the spring of 2019. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Gustavus Adolphus College, and a Certificate in Web and Computer Programming from Lake Superior College.

While at LSC she participated in Business Professionals of America where she competed in the National Leadership Competition and took first place in the database applications event. She also participated in NCL, CCDC, and worked as a counselor for the GenCyber summer camp for middle school and high school students. While at SCSU she has also become a member of the Cyber Security/Information Assurance club.

Though she is still new to the program, the CyberCorps scholarship has already been life-changing for her. It has given her the opportunity to network with her peers and professionals in the field of Cyber Security. It has also allowed her to focus solely on continuing her education and exploration of her particular area of interest in Computer Forensics. She is excited for the future and all the possibilities this program will open up for her.

Katie Graham

Katie GrahamKatie Graham is a student at St. Cloud State University, and a recipient of the CyberCorps Scholarship for Service. Katie is pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity, and is also very interested in computer science and programming. She is involved with the Cyber Security Information Assurance club, and the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition team.

Katie is also passionate about getting young people, especially women, involved in tech related fields like computer science and cyber security. She helped present at the Tech Saavy conference for middle school and high school age girls in 2016, and is helping to lead the presentation in 2017. She is also excited to help with presentations at high schools in the St. Cloud area.

Katie is currently involved with a funded research lab through Emerson, on embedded systems and wireless sensor networks. She is researching the security aspects of the WirelessHart sensor network, which is designed to be robust and secure enough for use in industrial settings.

The CyberCorps Scholarship for Service has allowed her to concentrate on school more than ever before, and be involved in clubs and extracurricular activities that weren’t possible before. She says that it takes away the need to choose between working to put food on the table, and getting homework done or going to a club meeting.

She states that the professional development fund also allows her to attend Cyber Security conferences, events, and job fairs that would not otherwise be affordable for most college students. Katie says this is a huge advantage, because it gives CyberCorp students a much greater opportunity to be exposed to industry professionals and start building a professional network than would otherwise be available.

Katie is interested in working in a cybersecurity field for a federal agency like the NGA, FBI, or SPEWAR. Job satisfaction is one of her most important considerations when choosing a career, which is why she would like to pursue a career at an agency where she will get to make a difference by protecting the American public from cyber-attacks.

Ben Fehringer

Ben FehringerAs a current CyberCorps scholar, Ben is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in cybersecurity. He is a member of St. Cloud State’s Collegiate Cyber Defense Team (CCDC), Cyber Security/Information Assurance club, and is currently working on undergraduate research testing the security of the WirelessHART protocol. Once graduated, he would like to work for an agency like the FBI.

Ben feels that the CyberCorps program is an amazing experience because the scholarship provides financial security for the duration of college, vastly reducing stress that may come with financial demands. Ben says more importantly, though, the program is putting him into contact with professionals in the government, setting him up for success.

Brett Karow

Brett KarowBrett is in the graduate program pursuing a Master’s degree in Information Assurance. In his spare time he likes to set up small virtual labs on his home server, play his guitars and run in distance races.

As a new student to SCSU, Brett is settling in to a new school, new program, and new city. He has been offered an opportunity to volunteer with the BCRL group and help out with the servers and the student environment that it supplies, a project which will be starting soon.

Previously, Brett was a student at Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN where he worked as a student worker for most of his time there. He was a part of a team that was given the task of tearing down an old network and equipment and rebuilding the environment from scratch. This allowed him the opportunity to work with physical and virtual servers, as well as map out and implement a new network. The network supplied students with a lab environment where they could learn and test out ideas.

The CyberCorps program has provided Brett the opportunity to work with like-minded students whom he feels are some of the best in their class.  Brett is looking forward to meeting professionals who work in the field and to gain valuable knowledge through those encounters. He says, as a group, the CyberCorps scholars aim to share their gained knowledge with their student peers and help each other to grow. 

Matthew Krueger

Matthew Krueger Matthew is a CyberCorps student at St. Cloud State. He is originally from Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin. After receiving his associates in Network Administration and Cybersecurity from Lake Superior College he transferred to SCSU to pursue a degree in the cybersecurity undergraduate program.

Some of the extracurricular activities he is involved in are the Minnesota Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition as well as being a member of the Cyber Security Information Assurance Club on campus. He is also involved in a research project which is looking into the application and security of embedded systems and wireless sensor networks.

Matthew says that the CyberCorps scholarship has done a lot for him. He asserts that it has opened a lot of doors for his future. He feels he would not be here without this scholarship and the programs supporting it. Matthew declares that the CyberCorps scholarship has not only given him the financial means to continue with his education, but has also provided him with a solid foundation for an exciting career. Upon graduation he is hoping to work for one of the big government agencies, and feels that the FBI would be a good fit. If not the FBI, he would like to work in one of the government research laboratories across the country. No matter where he ends up in the next few years, Matthew says cybersecurity is a field that he is passionate about. Because of CyberCorps he says his future looks bright, and he is looking forward to making a contribution to this field for many years to come.

Matt McCullough

Matt is a second-year student in the Masters of Information Assurance and Cybersecurity graduate program at SCSU. When he’s not helping his wife take care of their one year old and two dogs you can often find him working as one of the lead admins for the Business Computing Resource Lab or working on promoting the Cyber Security Information Assurance club as President. 

During his time as a CyberCorps scholar, Matt has successfully passed the CompTIA Security+ and ISC(2) CISSP exams, and helped the CCDC team place second in the state competition.  Matt states that the CyberCorps scholarship has allowed him to not only work toward securing his Master's degree, but it has also opened numerous doors for future employment.  He is currently pursuing a career at either the Federal Reserve, SEC, or MN.IT.

Michael Trinh

Michael TrinhMichael is a CyberCorps scholar in his junior year, pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity. He is a graduate of Century College with his AAS in Enterprise Computing Technology degree.

He is currently a member of St. Cloud State’s Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) as well as the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) on campus. Michael enjoys using technology and he likes to keep up to date with the latest technology such as smartphones, computers, and other various pieces of tech.

Michael feels that the CyberCorps scholarship program is a great way for him to further his education in information technology (IT) specifically Cybersecurity. He says the CyberCorps SFS program also provides the chance to learn new things related to IT security, meet new friends and people, and offers opportunities to work at a government-level position upon completion. Upon graduating, Michael hopes to work for and agency like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Andrew Schweitzer

Andrew SchweitzerAndrew is currently attending Century College and then will be transferring to St. Cloud State to pursue a bachelor’s degree in information assurance.  Most of his time is committed to being the captain of his school’s Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition team.  

Andrew believes that the CyberCorps Scholarship program is one of the best scholarship for service programs out there.  He says it provides a lot of help and resources to people trying to find employment and internship opportunities in the cybersecurity field.  Once he has completed the scholarship program he hopes to work for an agency like the FBI in some type of incident response role.

Ron Williams

Ron WilliamsRon is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity. He is a Cybercorps scholar and expects to graduate in 2020, from St. Cloud State University. Ron wants to use his knowledge to make a difference, as he says that our nation is being constantly bombarded with attacks on our networks and infrastructure. He shares that the Cybercorps scholarship for service has given him the opportunity to continue his education and to learn the skills required to become an asset and valuable team member in any organization.

Although he is currently a full time student, he is also working on a grant to build a learning environment where students can harden and defend virtual businesses from attack. The Cybersecurity National Action Plan grant that his team is working on will create 6 business pods, each simulating a different type of industry (Transportation, Healthcare, Financial, etc.). Students will first learn to harden their networks and services, then learn to exploit vulnerabilities and test for weakness.

Although cybersecurity is his passion, he has other interests as well. Ron is an amateur astronomer has been an avid explorer of the night skies. Through his telescopes, he marvels at the cloud bands of Jupiter and peer millions of years into the past at our neighboring galaxies. He also enjoys photography and is rarely found without his camera in-hand. From 2003 to 2010 he deployed to Antarctica for approximately 45 months over 7 deployments, to support science on the 7th continent. After his time on the Ice, he had the incredible opportunity to build the NOvA far detector in Northern Minnesota for neutrino research in collaboration with Fermilab and Argonne National Labs.

Ron is deeply invested in his studies and responsibilities, and has a plan for potential internships and life after graduation. He says he doesn’t want to take the easiest internship available, but wants to learn in an environment where he is challenged and can learn from the results of his efforts. Eventually he wants to work for an organization where he can learn new techniques and technologies that will help him grow into a more effective “cyber warrior.” He sees himself ultimately becoming a cybersecurity professional who will strive to make a positive difference in fighting our nation’s adversaries.

Luke Verlooy

Luke VerlooyLuke Verlooy is a student at St. Cloud University. He transfered from Lake Superior College with an Associates degree in I.T. Administration & Cybersecurity. He is now pursuing his bachelor degree in Cybersecurity.

For fun he likes to fish in the summer months, and enjoy the outdoors when he can. If it's not outdoors, he likes to practice programming, networking, and learning new security concepts.

He doesn't know where he will end up in the Government as of now. But hopes it will be with a government agency that cares about Cybersecurity as much as him.


When you have no gateway to land a job in Cybersecurity, the CyberCorps scholarship will open that up for you.