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Written Communication Skills

In the Written Communication Skills training session we delve into the importance of proper writing etiquette whether that be for internal or external purposes. Participants will learn the key ingredients to a well-written document, along with a proven writing process that produces better results. In addition, participants will learn specific strategies to use, based on communication styles where appropriate, for their written correspondence to people with whom they interact, both internally and externally to the organization.

The focus of the Written Communication Skills training session includes:

  • Strategies to effectively write business correspondence
  • The utilization of outlining to organize and format business correspondence
  • Acceptable e-mail protocol
  • Processes to produce complete and professional business correspondence

Meet the Instructor:

Mary Bodvarsson picture  Mary Bodvarsson


  • Very interactive and the content relates to my everyday life at home and at work.
  • Plenty of easy tips and suggestions to apply.
  • This is an important topic for anyone in management.

We customize:

We can tailor these courses to meet the needs of your business or group and offer them via Zoom, or when conditions allow, at the SCSU Welcome Center or a location of your choice.


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