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Personal Injury for Paralegals

Our accelerated course teaches the case-building techniques vital to a personal injury paralegal's success in the law office.

We will examine damages recovery, statutes of limitations, and schemes for liability. You will learn interviewing and investigation techniques and the legal terms, causes of action, and remedies available to victims of personal injury accidents.

Class discussions and material will cover car accidents, slip and falls, medical negligence/malpractice, manufacturer product defects, and class-action lawsuits.

You also will gain an understanding of the negligence theory of torts, the basis of many personal injury claims.


  • You will be expected to spend at least 12 hours per week reading and completing assignments.
  • This course is the equivalent of at least 50 hours of study.
  • The passing score on all tests and assignment is 70 percent.
  • Extensions will not be granted.

Class topics

  • Introduction to torts and the elements of negligence
  • Defenses to negligence
  • Medical malpractice and reviewing medical records
  • Intentional torts & their defenses
  • Strict liability, product liability, nuisance & workers' comp
  • The personal injury trial

What you earn

Successful graduates earn a certificate of completion from St. Cloud State and a certificate of course hours completed from The Center for Legal Studies.

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