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Intellectual Property Law for Engineers

Our course will give you an understanding of the rights of creative and ingenious people and provide the information you need to protect yourself and your ideas in intellectual property matters.

The constitutionally-based discipline of patent law covers the process and laws by which an invention, and its creator, are protected from infringement and unfair competition.

We'll examine

  • patent applications, research and prosecution
  • the law of infringement
  • computer applications of software and hardware
  • patents for concepts, machines, processes, mixtures, manufacturing, compositions of materials and methods of doing business and research
  • utility patents, design and plant patents
  • copyright, trademark, trade dress, trade secrets and business methods


  • You will be expected to spend at least 8 hours per week reading and completing assignments.
  • This course is the equivalent of at least 45 hours of study.
  • The passing score on all tests and assignment is 70 percent.
  • Extensions will not be granted.

What you earn

Successful graduates earn a certificate of completion from St. Cloud State University, and a certificate of course hours completed from The Center for Legal Studies.

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