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Advance Legal Research and Writing Certificate

WIOA Certified

Our course teaches the advanced and specialized research approaches to using a law library and online research sites.

You'll learn the conceptual differences between computer-assisted legal research and hard copy research. You'll also learn how to formulate WESTLAW® search queries and to use online legal research methods as timesaving devices.


  • You must have completed the Paralegal Certificate Course (Paralegal 1& 2) or the equivalent or have law office experience to take the course.
  • Expect at least 50 hours of study.
  • You'll complete reading and homework assignments and be assigned an advanced research project and writing assignment.
  • Final projects must be presented for grading to complete the course.

Topics covered

  • Legal authorities and citations
  • Writing legal analysis
  • WESTLAW® online legal research
  • Legal memoranda
  • Manual legal research
  • Types of legal writing

What you earn

Successful graduates earn a certificate of completion from St. Cloud State University, and a certificate of course hours completed from The Center for Legal Studies.

2019 Sessions

  • March 11 - April 26
  • May 6 - June 21
  • July 1 - Aug. 16
  • Aug. 26 - Oct. 11

Cost: $729


Order "Legal Research, Analysis and Writing," "Legal Research Methods, 2nd Edition" and "Oran's Dictionary of the Law, 4th Edition" through The Center for Legal Studies.

WESTLAW® legal research access.

Alternate registrations

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  • 320-308-4723 or 320-308-6100, and pay by check
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