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10 Habits for Zero Crashes

This course for driver education instructors teaches how to train teens for a lifetime of zero crashes. Through classroom and in-car experiences, teachers will learn how to help teens see potentially dangerous situations, respond in time to avoid a crash and acquire lifelong crash-reduction habits.

Some crashes are caused by a driver's space-management errors, some by wrongful actions of others, and others through acts of nature. Most can be prevented by the driver having space-management habits cultivated by the behavioral patterns and practices advocated in this program.

The course is intended for:

  • licensed, or certified, driver education classroom teachers.
  • any teacher who wants to learn experiential learning techniques and develop space-management behavior and incorporate those into their teachings.
  • any driver who would like to help prevent the devastation motor vehicle crashes create within families, friends and society.

How it works:

This self-directed course must be completed within the access time period. The 10 lessons are structured into three tiers. More than 100 activities provide 500 decision-making opportunities, which earn points for the learner. Adequate points must be earned in each tier to advance to the next. A final exam covers behaviors taught in all 10 lessons. 


Course materials include "Lessons from the Partnership for EXPERT Driving," the "Ten Habits Zero Crashes" DVD and online activities.

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Our partner: National Institute of Driver Behavior.

Contact: Tammy Anhalt-Warner

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