Center for Continuing Studies

Customer Experience Certificate

Successful businesses and organizations know that strong, reliable customer service is key to building a customer base and keeping those customers satisfied.

But basic customer service plans may not give you and your workers the competitive edge in customer satisfaction.

We help you identify your business' or organization's standards and goals and examine how quality internal and external customer service can help achieve those.

Then we tailor our 21-hour Customer Experience Certification program to give your employees the skills they need to create satisfied clients.

Here's an example of a six-session program we put together for a local business:

  • Understanding the customer experience
  • Teamwork
  • Listening, questioning and feedback
  • Positive written business communication
  • Effective telephone and verbal business communication
  • Customer service recovery

When its workers finished the program, they knew:

  • the value of internal and external customers
  • six key elements of customer satisfaction
  • the differences between customer expectations and perceptions
  • benefits of teamwork at their business
  • stages of teams
  • strategies to improve team success
  • active listening to better determine customer needs
  • Questioning techniques to reduce defensiveness
  • supportive and constructive feedback with their teammates
  • ensure that what they heard was what the customer actually said
  • Use the 5 C's method - complete, concise, conscientious, correct, courteous- for effective written communications
  • use the appropriate form of written communication
  • the importance of an excellent first, second third and so on, impression
  • proper telephone etiquette including appropriate voicemails
  • effective telephone communication
  • effective verbal communication
  • tools to handle complaints and concerns
  • techniques to resolve and recover the service and increase loyalty
  • adapting a reaction to resolve a situation faster

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