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2016 SCSU Education Abroad Delegation

China Disability Resources

The information on China Disability Resources is being developed to support the Vision of the St. Cloud State University Confucius Institute:

SCSU CI-Vision Statement

The Confucius Institute at St. Cloud State is dedicated to developing opportunities and partnerships for increasing global competencies and building bridges between US and China through Chinese language and culture teaching and learning for all students at SCSU, within our preK-12 partner schools and our local community.

The key core value illuminated through our vision is “Chinese language and culture teaching and learning for all students.” The Confucius Institute aspires to be a resource to the Global Confucius Institute Network, providing strategies, resources, research and collaboration on how to effectively include and engage students with disabilities in the work and strategic planning of Confucius Institute around the world.


China Disability Resources consists of two areas:

1) Inclusive Programming and Education Abroad

2) Knowledge Mobilization and Inclusive Scientific Diplomacy Via People to People Exchange: Deaf Education, Employment and Access in China Initiative