Winter Institute - Innovative Economics

Session Summaries - Economic Climate, Changed

Feb 20 at 912 Regency Plaza, Ballroom

Economic Outlook

Banaian, Greiner and Manamperi team up to provide the current outlook of the national, state and local economies. Time will be set aside for audience questions.

Jennifer McMillin

Jennifer McMillin '01 is doing amazing work as the director of sustainability at Cleveland State University. She will share her journey of how she got to where she is today and why it is important for students of all disciplines to have an understanding of sustainability and how it relates to their field. Additionally, as an 8-year resident of Australia, she will weave in the recent wildfires and how they relate to climate change.

Feb 21 on the campus of St. Cloud State University

David Easterling

NOAA scientist David Easterling has been instrumental in developing and enhancing methods to improve the quality of climate data sets, climate observation, and the analyzation of such data. He will give us an update on his latest research with, “The Scientific Basis for Climate Change.”

Catherine Wolfram

Catherine Wolfram will present “Climate Strategies: What can we do?” With a focus on the economics of energy markets, she has analyzed energy and climate policies from California to Africa. How does energy efficiency factor into a possible solution to climate change?

Dr. John Mahowald

Dr. John Mahowald will present “Adverse Health Effects of Climate Change.” How will climate change affect the health and lifestyles of Minnesotans? Covering poor air quality as a result from wild fires, disease from ticks and mosquitoes, excess precipitation affecting our water, and extremes in temperatures, Mahowald paints a picture of how our health may be affected.