National Conference on Co-Teaching


“Very worthwhile conference and looking forward to the second strand!”

“Some of the best PD I’ve had in a long time!”

“I really appreciated the size of the conference. The number of attendees allowed me to network with others and then see and talk to them the following day(s); it felt more personal.”

“It was so helpful to talk nitty gritty details with other Co-Teaching programs across the US.”

“A wonderful opportunity to network with others in the field.”

“This was a wonderful learning experience for me and my team. I strongly recommend the conference for any program beginning to use a co-teaching model.”

“This conference fills a need in providing information about how the practice of co-teaching can provide benefit to students and teachers.”

“I left every session with new ideas!”

“The networking opportunities were far above and more meaningful than other conferences I have attended.”

“Best conference EVER!”

“My team feels absolutely pumped after this conference. We were able to share and glean information. It was a learning experience for us all.”

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