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An education in the liberal arts prepares our students for a wide range of careers and for excellence and leadership in careers in other disciplines.

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Meet some graduates who have used their liberal arts degrees to discover successful careers.

Meghan ReistadMeghan Reistad

Internships and hands-on experience at the University's UTVS station gave Meghan Reistad the confidence and skills she needed for her job as a television journalist for ABC 6 News in southern Minnesota.

Dominic Maas

After using the skills he learned in film and graphic design classes to land an internship and a job in a California advertising agency, Dominic Maas brought what he learned back to the Midwest as a graphic designer and creative director for CrossFit.

Kristen (Spiczka) Whitley

After graduating from St. Cloud State in 2010 with a bachelor of fine arts, Kristen (Spiczka) Whitley went on to earn an art therapy degree and and now works at Clara's House and has launched a company to sell her own artwork.

Charles HempeckCharles Hempeck

His bachelor's degree is in music, but his passion is human relations. Charles Hempeck turned his minor in human relations into a master's degree in women's studies and now leads Anna Marie’s Alliance, an organization that works on many fronts to end violence against women.

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