College of Liberal Arts

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We tap the creativity and innovation instincts of our faculty and their passion for service to give today's and tomorrow's students a deep understanding of the arts and humanities that they can carry into their communities and the workplace alongside the skills for their professional success.

We ask them to deliver solutions and to engage their students, their peers and their community in active learning experiences. We ask them to model responsible citizenry and civic engagement.

We ask them to think globally and act locally and globally.

Neighborhood Cleanup


We encourage faculty to work across departments and disciplines to teach and model collaboration for students. Our Faculty Research Group on Immigrant Workers draws from Sociology, English and Political Science and other disciplines to produce Global Goes Local, a conference that both gives local issues a global context and brings world issues home to local communities.

When students working at an archaeological dig across the country or across the world needed a way to complete the work for their Cultural Resources Management Archaeology degree, our faculty delivered the option of an electronic or an on-campus program.


Our faculty educate and provide professional insight for a community of history teachers and students and for school music teachers through annual programs on campus including the Central Region History Day competition and Summer Music Education Institute.

We encourage and assist faculty in adding service learning opportunities to their curriculum. Projects such as the Community Garden, Neighborhood Cleanup, the Oxfam Hunger Banquet are lead by faculty and put the focus for students on sustainability, global awareness and the environment.

Beyond the campus and classroom, several College of Liberal Arts faculty direct Education Abroad programs in countries such as England, Chile and South Africa.


College of Liberal Arts faculty step up to leadership positions across the campus and in the community.

  • Roland Specht-Jarvis, professor of German, is Faculty Association president.
  • Music professor Kristian Twombly co-chairs the University's Strategic Planning Committee.
  • German professor Isolde Mueller is the faculty liaison for Service Learning in the Department of Campus Involvement.

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