College of Health and Wellness Professions

Dean's Message

It is my honor to provide strategic leadership to the School at a time of unparalleled potential. Our School is comprised of five departments and four professional programs that not only play a vital role in the development of a well-educated health care and social service workforce but also have a responsibility to ensure that the community and region in which we exist is left better for our efforts.

I have often found that the divides that are assumed (and maybe directly or indirectly taught) to exist between the community and institutions of higher learning fall apart when the conversation is about the lives of real people who are struggling to keep themselves and their families healthy and safe. Socio-political factors may be closely intertwined with our health, how we interpret health within our relationships and communities, and the ability to provide accessible, innovative, integrated, evidence and practice based services. In order to be successful, it is important to acknowledge and integrate multiple perspectives to create an environment that is conducive to a mutual exchange of ideas among all constituencies.

I extend my deepest appreciation to all of the faculty, staff and student contributors to this reimagined newsletter. I have no doubt that as “our story” unfolds throughout the pages of this newsletter that elements of innovation, passion, creativity, collaboration, celebration, civic engagement, and academic pride will be on full display. And, I hope that you will be invigorated, intrigued, and enticed to support our mission to prepare our students to be leaders, scholars, and professionals in promoting and providing lifelong optimal health and wellness. 

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