Lindgren Child Care Center


(33 months to 5 years)

Activities of social, motor, language, cognitive and sensory experiences are planned for the preschool children. They include large and small group activities for the day, music experiences with songs or dance, story telling and role playing, creative movement activities, finger plays, arts and crafts, woodworking, outdoor play and special field trips around campus.


The philosophy of the Preschool Program is to provide children with endless opportunities to explore and investigate the world in which they live. The children's interests are paired with educational experiences that are relevant, engaging and meaningful. We believe that children who become active participants in their learning will continue this trait through their educational careers. To assist the children in becoming active learners, we have adopted an emergent project based curriculum.


The framework is provided by the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress: Minnesota's Early Learning Standards. The primary purpose of these indicators are to provide a framework for understanding and communicating a common set of developmentally appropriate expectations for young children within a context of shared responsibility and accountability for helping children meet these expectations. These early learning standards are broken down into six main domains, each of which are described in further detail using the links below. The framework provided by the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress is enhanced by the use of The Creative Curriculum for Preschoolers Assessment tool. This a comprehensive national tool used to in all types of early childhood settings, including inclusive and early intervention programs. To learn more about The Creative Curriculum for Preschoolers Assessment tool, visit