Lindgren Child Care Center


(2 months to 15 months)

Children in the infant area follow individualized schedules which are planned cooperatively by the parents and lead by the teacher. Each schedule is modified as the child's development and parents' desires dictate. The staff's primary goal is to help infants develop a sense of trust and pleasure in relationships with their care givers and in their new environment.

Philosophy of infant program

We believe:

  • Infants develop trust when their needs are met quickly and sensitively.
  • Infants are competent; they tell us what they need through body language, crying and gestures.  It is our job to read what they are telling us and be responsive to them.
  • We respect the babies’ interests, moods and tempos.
  • It is important to provide age-appropriate opportunities for learning in the four developmental domains:  social-emotional, physical, cognitive and language development.
  • Decisions about curricula and care of the babies are based upon knowledge of child development and developmentally appropriate practice.
  • Parent partnership and communication are vital to developing trust and ensuring a smooth transition between home and the program.

Infant curriculum

The framework of the infant curriculum is guided by the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (Minnesota Early Learning Guidelines for Birth to Three), as it provides indicators and caregiver strategies for the each of the developmental domains.  The indicators provide a framework for understanding and communicating a common set of developmentally appropriate expectations for the infants in our care, presented within a context of shared responsibility and accountability for helping our youngest learners meet these expectations. 

The indicators are divided into four domains which reflect the full range of child development:

  • Domain I:   Social and Emotional Development
  • Domain II:  Language Development and Communication
  • Domain III: Cognitive Development
  • Domain IV: Physical and Motor Development