Speaker/Scholar Fund

With sufficient funds, the Center could attract well known (nationally and internationally recognized) speakers and scholars, as well as survivors, liberators, and rescuers to lecture at St. Cloud State University. These individuals would speak at St. Cloud State University and would, over multiple days, present workshops, visit classes, and deliver presentations. Grand funds would help pay for their travel expenses, honoraria, rights to films, and purchasing materials, etc. The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education currently hosts 2 Holocaust survivors per academic year, in addition to 4 to 6 specialist scholars. Additional funding would provide the University and Central Minnesota community with greater number of presentations.

Additionally, the Center would like to develop and host mini conferences on certain Holocaust and Genocide related topics. Here, renowned scholars would come to St. Cloud State University to discuss and debate specific issues and various topics (in addition to delivering presentations and working with students and faculty.) Some well known individuals might include: Franklin Littell "Genocide Prevention" and/or "Jewish Christian Relations", Christopher Browning "Ordinary Men", Deborah Lipstadt "Holocaust Denial", Vladka Meed "The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising", Yehuda Bauer, "The Holocaust and Jewish Resistance".

2000-2001 Speakers:

  • Dr. Paul Levine "Swedish Diplomacy and the Holocaust"
  • T. J.. Leyden- former Aryan Nation recruiter, now works for Simon Wiesenthal Center
  • Survivor Henry Oertelt
  • Survivor Dr. Robert Fisch "Light from the Yellow Star" (artist)
  • Dr. Myrna Goldenberg "Gentle Heroism: Women and the Holocaust" & "Women’s Literature of the Shoah"
  • Dan Rethmeier "Postal Artifacts and the Holocaust"

Our projected 2001-2002 schedule of events includes:

  • Woodbury Chorus and Orchestra performance "Holocaust Cantata" conducted by Gerrit Lamain
  • Survivors Gerda Weissmann Klein & Kurt Klein (Memoir: "All But My Life" & films: "One Survivor Remembers" and "America and the Holocaust: Deceit of Indifference")
  • Dr. John Betton "Racial anti-Semitism and Schooling Under the Third Reich"
  • Dr. Gregory Wegner "Business Ethics and the Holocaust"
  • Dr. Guenter Holzer "Inside the Third Reich" (personal testimony)
  • Survivor Hinda Kibort
  • Tony Beuning "Escape from Dachau" (personal testimony)
  • Michael Luick-Thrams "Midwesterners’ Direct Response to the Holocaust

Other Notable Past Events Include:

  • Peter Balakian: "Black Dog of Fate: An Armenia Son Uncovers his Armenian Past"
  • Leon Bass, African American liberator of Buchenwald
  • Ursula Duba: author of "Child of the Enemy" poetry readings
  • Henry Feingold: American Involvement and the Holocaust
  • Charles Fischman: author of "The Death Mazurka" poetry reading
  • Nelly Trocme Hewitt: daughter of André & Magda Trocme of Le Chambon, France.
  • Fritz Hirschberger "Sur-Rationale Art: Indifference- the Real Enemy"
  • Steven Katz "The Holocaust in Historical Context"
  • Ephraim Kaye "Holocaust Denial"
  • Lawrence Langer: "Art from the Ashes"
  • Hubert Locke: "Hate Crimes"
  • Pierre Sauvage: Child survivor and filmmaker, "Weapons of the Spirit"
  • Mark Weitzman: "Hate Crimes and the Holocaust"
  • Performance of Sylcie Bodoravae’s Terezin "Ghetto Requiem" by by Skampa Quartet (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • How Their Hearts Must Have Trembled (Kindertransport) Photography exhibit
  • Theatrical Productions: Number the Stars (Children’s Theatre), Playing for Time (High School), "Who Will Carry the Word" (SCSU)