Development of Inter-faith/Inter-racial Activities


The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education desires to develop Jewish Christian interfaith activities for the Central Minnesota community, St. Cloud State University, local elementary, middle and high schools, various denominational churches. In order to foster greater understanding, the Center wishes to sponsor inter-faith discussions, cultural events, holidays and celebrations. A study of the Bible (Old Testament and Torah) lead by priest or pastor and Rabbi, would further these goals, as would sponsorship and development of Musical, Theatrical, and/or dance events.

St. Cloud State University has a large international student population with hundreds of students from dozens of countries. The Center wishes to develop projects with students of differing faiths such as Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and Muslim, among others.


Work continues with already existing groups on cooperative projects. Collaboration on Inter-racial activities with groups on-campus and in the community such as American Indians, Palestinians, and African Americans and others To foster greater understanding and action of global concerns, the Center would like to initiate projects and programs that deal with Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, East Timor, Afghanistan or peoples in other oppressed regions of the world.

Programs Needing Funding