General Operating Funds

One of the most important expenses to the Center is staffing. This includes director salary, secretary, and a portion of the Graduate Assistants’ salaries, and a percentage of the work study students wages. All members of our staff our vital to the Center’s functioning. At the present time, the Center does not have sufficient funds to staff all positions, so we appreciate volunteers as available. Staff and service costs require additional funding beyond our perpetual grant. Our graduate assistants and our work-study students, as well as volunteers (who have additional diverse skills) must first be trained to do Holocaust work in a specific area, as to help others.

The staff of director, assistant director, graduate assistants and work-study students, daily assist university students with research, act as curriculum advisors to teachers and faculty, are engaged in Center research, projects, programs and organization, attend to all business, financial and organizational matters, schedule and promote events and presentations, plan and complete outreach, oversee and manage technical operations, in addition to overseeing existing programs and projects, and developing new ones.

Currently, our operating funds includes all programs as possible such as speaker/survivor fees, travel expenses (faculty to conferences, training expenses of faculty, teachers and students), and purchase cost of books, educational units, posters, films, slides and other supplies that are used by the Center and are checked out by St. Cloud State University students and faculty, and community members. This is most important considering the needs of public schools to which the university library is highly restricted. This has been possible the two, one-time only Minneapolis Jewish Federation and Foundation grants as noted earlier.

Operating Funds separately includes technology continuance (computers, fax, telephone bills, printer), payment for printing and mail services, publicity costs, membership fees, subscription to related publications, funding necessary for exhibits, events, and to increase Center awareness and to develop new programs.