Future Projects in Higher Education

The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education would like to develop and implement the following projects in the near future as additional facets of our work:


With proper funding, the Center could establish a Fellowship Fund which would bring professors of Holocaust and Genocide Studies for one semester, or an entire academic year to St. Cloud State University. Fellows would be noted historians, professors of literature, educational consultants, or teachers in other related fields that would teach college courses, present in workshops, engage in research, and work with elementary and secondary teachers and students (if applicable). Fellows would provide SCSU niversity students with the opportunity to study with nationally and internationally recognized scholars in the field of Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

Poland Holocaust Study

Funds are needed to sustain our two-week study in Poland. (Students travel to Poland and study modern Polish history, mass communications, and the Holocaust. The study of the Holocaust is extremely important because this allows American students to meet with survivors, and also to visit important sites such as headquarters, ghettos, and death camps). Eventually, St. Cloud State University, and the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education, would like to build up relations with Lodz University, to develop a semester long course.

Funds would compensate for the cost of tour guides, buses, interpreters, intense language sessions (in the United States and Poland), and travel costs that are above and beyond the cost of the trip. This could also establish a student scholarship fund, to subsidize the cost for students who do not have the financial means. Another expanse would be to direct parts of the study tour to travel and study the Holocaust and modern history, in any or all of the following countries: Germany, Austria, The Czech Republic, the Baltic States, Russia, Hungary, and Romania.


General Operating Funds, if sufficient, could provide financial support of our web site. While it is already a tremendous resource, additional means would allow for expansion, interactive capabilities, and provide us with the greater presence on the World Wide Web as a resource for SCSU students and faculty, and local teachers.

Global Human Rights Violations:

Beyond education about the Holocaust, the Center desires to foster positive relations with groups that represent other examples of genocide and gross human rights violations. Such relations would include training for teachers in development of courses on other genocide such as Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda, Armenia, the Kurds, Tibet, East Timor, and others. Beyond classes, relations and interaction could include sponsoring discussions, presentations, cultural events, and films. Such organizations include Amnesty International, the American Indian Student Association.

Genocide Education:

Genocide education is a misunderstood area of academics. The Center wishes to provide Genocide Education to students, faculty, and administration of St. Cloud State University, and members of the community, by educating them about Genocide. Education would include contemporary examples of genocide in relation to and opposed to Ethnic Cleanings and Gross Human Rights violations. Discussion facilitated by scholars of Genocide Prevention and Human Rights, would further awareness of global concerns, bringing the study exclusively out of the past, and into the present and future.