Larry TillmanLarry Tillman in 1944

Quote from Larry Tillemans:

"I'm not a historian or a student of the Holocaust. I'm an old soldier who saw the shocking truth of the Holocaust by attending some of the war crimes trials at Nuremberg and Dachau."

Community Outreach

Former WWII soldier is on a mission to share his experiences

Larry Tillemans, a central Minnesota native was a soldier in the Second World War. He has made a mission in his life to share his experiences with students.

A resident of St. Joseph Minnesota, Mr. Tillemans is active in his community and neighboring areas. He shares his passion for Holocaust remembrance through lectures, speeches, and conversation. Mr. Tillemans reaches out to address audiences' at schools, prisons, jails, treatment centers and churches.

“I am alarmed and disturbed about the rising numbers of people who doubt the Holocaust happened and the war crime trials were unfair. We cannot let this go on without a challenge and show all the proof”, states Tillemans.

Larry Tillemans was a typist with the Third Army in Munich, Germany (1945-1946). He could type 40 words per minute and was assigned by the Army to type transcripts at the Nuremberg War Crime Trials and the Dachau Tribunal. Throughout the 218 days Mr. Tillemans spent in Germany, he witnessed over 350 Nazi's and Nazi perpetrators victims of the Holocaust give their testimony. Mr. Tillemans personally typed over 200,000 affidavits.

His mission of communicating his experience is propelled with a sense of urgency. “There were 1,000 army personnel assigned to duty for the Nuremberg Trials and that was over 60 years ago. I only know of one soldier that is still alive. Soon there will be no one left (alive) to give first-hand account and tell the story”. - Larry Tillemans