Grant Seeking Programs

We are seeking funding for the St. Cloud State University Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education. Six years ago, we pursued and received a perpetual operating fund. During the first five years of this grant, the funds were used almost exclusively to train interested and involved faculty, and secondary school teachers to teach Holocaust & Genocide Studies courses. Almost all those teachers and faculty are teaching university semester courses or full teaching units (in secondary schools) within and related to their academic specialty. Although we offered two Holocaust and genocide studies courses each year starting in 1985, our grant has allowed the development of between 16-18 semester courses per year at the University, and many teaching units in the 25 schools we have dealt with in Central Minnesota. A minor is being developed in this area at SCSU.

Programs Needing Funding

The following are some of the programs for which we are seeking funding:

Education (Grades 5-12)
Higher Education and Future Projects in Higher Education
Speakers/Scholar Fund
Inter-faith/Inter-racial Programs
General Operating Funds