Holocaust and Genocide Courses at St. Cloud State University

Each academic year, 550-700 students participate in Holocaust-specific courses at St. Cloud State University (SCSU). An additional 50-100 enroll in Holocaust-related courses. For descriptions of the following courses, please refer to the SCSU Undergraduate Bulletin.

FALL 2012

  • COMM 275 - Documentaries of the Holocaust (Diversity)
  • ENG 302 - Holocaust Literature
  • JWST 318 - Anti-Semitism
  • GER 110 - Introduction to German Culture

Past Offerings

Below are courses taught across a wide variety of SCSU curricula, currently and in the past:

Art (ART)

  • Art History 439/539:
    The Holocaust and the Visual Arts

English (ENG)

  • English 302:
    Holocaust Literature

History (HIST)

  • History 409/509:
    Europe and WWII

  • History 411/511:
    The Holocaust

  • History 150:
    Twentieth Century World

Human Relations and Multicultural Education (HURL)

    • HURL 418/518:

Jewish Studies (JWST)

  • JWST 318:
    Special Topics in Jewish Studies

Mass Communications (COMM)

  • Mass Communications 275: Documentaries of the Holocaust

  • Mass Communications 414:
    Study Tour in Poland: Lodz University, Lodz, Poland - The Holocaust and Mass Media in Poland

Psychology (PSY)

  • Psychology 375:
    Psychology of Altruism, Helping, and Holocaust Rescue

Religious Studies (REL)

  • Religious Studies 400:
    Spirituality and the Holocaust

Education Abroad Students and Faculty

A two-week study tour to Poland has been offered four times in the past. We are currently in the process of developing a semester long course with Lodz University in Poland.

Faculty who study at the Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem, Israel are able to receive credits through Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Faculty from all departments are encouraged to seek support from SCSU's Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education (CHGE) for individual projects.

Please contact CHGE for academic support and for information about any past or upcoming education-abroad opportunities.

(320) 308-4205