Spring 2007 Events

Holocaust Memorial Day
April 15th, 2007

In commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day the center held a month long series of events about the Holocaust and Genocide.
Guest speakers, an exhibition of German election posters from the last free election before the rise of Hitler, exhibition tours for teachers and classes, and a workshop on teaching the Holocaust and social-political awareness.

Highlights of the month long events:

April 2 
12:00pm Atwood Gallery (poster)
SCSU: Official opening of Weimar Election Posters

April 2 
3:30pm Miller Auditorium (poster)
SCSU: Talk by Atem Aleo
Hidden Genocide -The Lost Boys of Sudan

April 9  
7:00pm  Atwood Theatre
SCSU: Historical Grief and Trama: Impact on Native Peoples lecture by Ray Daw.

April 10 
4:00pm Miller Auditorium
SCSU: Talk by Michael Strub about the Situation in Switzerland during World War II in regards to Jews in Switzerland and Jewish immigration. Michael will be available on this day for class visits on campus.

April 11 
4:00-6:15pm Atwood Gallery
SCSU: Tour of exhibition with Eugen Schoenfeld, Michael Strub and Bernard Reuter, short film presentation and roundtable discussion. Dr. Schoenfeld available for class visits.  

April 12 
3:15-6:15pm Miller Auditorium
SCSU: Workshop (Strub, Edelheit and Reuter) 
for  public school teachers and all interested, 
including model Holocaust History lesson (High

April 12  
7:00pm Miller Auditorium
SCSU: Main Yom HaShoah presentation, Dr.
Eugen Schoenfeld (and Stephen Feinstein) on
the Holocaust, “Tolerance” and education.

April 26  
4:00pm Miller Auditorium (poster)
SCSU: Talk by Dr. Richard McCormick on
Weimar film and culture (includes a screening
of the German film "Berlin: Symphony of the
City” from 1927 on everyday life in a city like
Berlin at the time).