Community College Connection

About the Program

One student, two campuses

In the Community College Connection Program you will be a college student at both ARCC and St. Cloud State. Your Star ID login works for both campuses, but you have two tech ID's - one for each school.  You will one email address that works for both schools. 

You will have the option to live on campus at St. Cloud State and join student clubs and groups as well as have access to all of the resources, services and activities available to St. Cloud State students.  The only exceptions to this are participation in NCAA athletics and Counseling & Psychological Services (unless a crisis situation). 

Connection Courses

Course Offerings

Students are offered a variety of general education courses that will work toward the fulfillment of bachelor degree requirements. Some students will place into developmental education courses meant to prepare them to be successful with college-level material.

Developmental Education Courses

Students who test into these courses will be required to complete a minimum one semester of preparatory course work. This will give students the opportunity to ease their way into college level material and expectations. These courses though not counted toward a college level degree are necessary and valuable in the preparation of students for their next semester of college level courses.  

Program costs

As a Connection student you will make separate payments for tuition to Anoka-Ramsey Community College and for fees to St. Cloud State University. 

Anoka-Ramsey Community College costs

You will pay tuition to ARCC. 

St. Cloud State costs include:

  • A program participation fee of $80 per semester. This fee pays for tutoring staff, peer mentor programs, orientation and access to St. Cloud State student resources such as The Write Place and the Math Skills Center. 
  • Activity fee. The cost is the equivalent to an activity fee paid for three credits of St. Cloud State courses. The fees are paid by all St. Cloud State students and gives you access to the same services and activities as students enrolled in St. Cloud State courses, including the Medical Clinic. 
  • Any housing and meal plan costs

Financial Aid

Connection program students are required to have their financial aid processed at Anoka-Ramsey Community College.

If a student plans to take out a private loan to pay for St. Cloud State University charges (program fees, student fees, meal plans, housing, etc.), be sure to have the loan certified through the ARCC Financial Aid Office.

The St. Cloud State Financial Aid Office will not process a private loan for residence hall charges for Connection students. Once you are eligible to transfer to St. Cloud State, the St. Cloud State Financial Aid Office will process your aid.

You can apply for financial aid at ARCC by first completing the FAFSA and choosing to submit your results to ARCC by entering their school code 002332. Contact the Financial Aid Office at Anoka-Ramsey Community College at 763-433-1500 with any questions about financial aid.

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Students are encouraged to live in St. Cloud State housing. Living on campus is a great way to meet new friends, be involved, manage finances, get support and simply be a part of daily university life.

There is an array of residential halls for students to choose from as well as a variety of meal plans. For more information visit St. Cloud State Residential Life. Connection students are welcome to live in any of the St. Cloud State housing options. 

There is an additional cost to living on campus which varies according to your residential hall and meal plan. For a list of prices, visit Residential Life. The payments for room and board are payable through the Cashiers Office at St. Cloud State. Payment methods are the same as tuition and fee payment methods.

Contact Residential Life.