Community College Connection

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Connection Program Admissions

Who is eligible?

To participate in the Community College Connection program you need to have a 2.0 high school grade point average (GPA) and meet the required score on the Accuplacer test to determine your course placement.

The program is designed for:

  • Students who have applied to St. Cloud State and were referred to the Connection program
  • Graduating high school students who apply directly to the program without a referral
  • Students admitted to SCTCC can change their major to the Connection program to apply for admission

Students who have previous college experience may not qualify for the Community College Connection program. If you have previous college experience, contact Admissions at St. Cloud Technical and Community College or St. Cloud State to explore alternative options for admission. Those who still want to be considered for the CCC Program will have their application considered on an individual basis.  

Admission steps

Step 1: Apply

You can apply for the Connection program either online or through a paper application:

  • Apply online through St. Cloud Technical and Community College. Be sure to select “Community College Connection" as your major in the drop down options.


  • Apply with a paper application: Print and complete the Connection program application (PDF) and mail it in. 
  • Submit your high school transcript to SCTCC
  • Pay the $20 SCTCC application fee and mail it to: 

    St. Cloud Technical and Community College  
    1540 Northway Drive
    St. Cloud, MN 56303

After your application has been submitted, Connection program staff will review it and will contact you once the review has been completed regarding your next steps in the application and admission process.  

Step 2: Accuplacer test

After your application is processed, you will receive a checklist in the mail with information about testing.

The Accuplacer placement test is a national collegiate test that measures a student’s ability in reading, math and computer skills. Connection applicants are required to take the Reading Comprehension and Elementary Algebra portions of the Accuplacer test.

As an applicant to the Connection program, you can take your first attempt at the Accuplacer for free at St. Cloud State or SCTCC. You can also choose to take the test at any other Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (Minnesota State) institution.

St. Cloud Technical and Community College offers Study Help for the Accuplacer for students looking for Accuplacer help.  

Testing options:

You should plan on taking the test within 30 days of receiving your checklist.

Contact St. Cloud Technical and Community College at 320-308-5000 for any questions about Accuplacer testing. 

Step 3: Acceptance

Once your Accuplacer scores have been accepted, we will send admitted students an acceptance packet.

This packet will contain:

  • Your acceptance letter
  • Your ID numbers for St. Cloud State and St. Cloud Technical and Community College
  • Financial aid information
  • A brochure to apply for housing at St. Cloud State University

Read all this information carefully and follow the steps included in your acceptance letter. If you need assistance, contact Connection program staff

Step 4: Enrollment

Congratulations! By this step you are now a part of the program and are ready to choose and register for your classes.

Advising and Registration Day is a one-day program that is required for all new first-year students as part of our commitment to your academic success.

You will sign up for Advising and Registration Day on the St. Cloud State campus where, together with newly-enrolled St. Cloud State University students, you will learn about registering for courses and about all the resources available to you on campus. After you are accepted, you should receive a letter about how to register for this important day. 

Register for your Advising and Registration Days event.