Community College Connection


Paying your bills is an important part of college life. Not paying will impact your ability to continue with your education. Being a member of two campuses creates unique challenges around finances that can be difficult to navigate. It's important to remember that Connection students belong to two campuses and thus have some financial obligations at each school.

Paying your bills

You will pay tuition to St. Cloud Technical and Community College and fees to St. Cloud State University through each school's eServices. 

St. Cloud Technical and Community College

Business Services


  • Online with credit card
  • By mail, check or money order to Business Services at SCTCC at 1540 Northway Dr.  St. Cloud, MN  56303
  • In person at the financial services counter at SCTCC
  • By phone with a credit card at 320-308-5572

Payment policies

St. Cloud State University

Student Financial Services


  • Online with a credit card
  • By mail, send a check or money order to:
St. Cloud State University
Cashiers Office
AS 123
720 4th Ave. S.
St. Cloud, MN 53601

Financial aid

Since your registration is through SCTCC your financial aid award and disbursement comes from that institution. 

This means that your SCTCC bill will be automatically paid with the arrival of your financial aid award to the school. Your aid may not cover your entire bill, leaving the remaining balance your responsibility to pay with SCTCC’s business services.

If you have any questions about financial aid, need help filing, or finishing the process contact SCTCC’s financial aid office at 320-308-5961. 

You may have more aid than expenses at SCTCC. This will result in a certain amount of overage to be sent to you. Your bill at St. Cloud State will NOT be automatically paid, so if you have overage use it to pay your St. Cloud State bill with St. Cloud State Business Services. You are responsible for paying the program and activity fees and any housing and meal plan costs you may have with St. Cloud State.

NOTE: You must accept your financial aid award before it can be applied to your student account. To accept an award, log into e-Services.