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Classroom Partnerships

The most effective means we have of reaching students is through faculty partnerships. Why? The obvious reason is that when we come to your classroom we have a captive audience. Beyond that, there are other, more subtle reasons why teaching career planning as part of a course is more effective than workshops, seminars, or even one-on-one counseling.

Students learn from each other, often more effectively than from the "experts." Simply knowing that others are grappling with the same questions or issues is very empowering. They can also share ideas and resources including books, articles, websites, or contacts.

Students are far more likely to follow up with a counselor in Career Services after listening to that individual's classroom presentation, and generally, faculty are much more likely to continue to refer students once a staff member has visited their class.

Connecting career planning with a specific curriculum helps students better understand and appreciate the value of both the process and the outcome of career decision making. It is often a simple matter to connect these concepts to your specific situation. For example, a sociology class studying gender issues or power structures in the workplace.

Bringing "real world" experience to historical or theoretical concepts opens up whole new avenues for learning. We have arranged for students in various classes to listen to guest speakers, tour a company, shadow someone on a job site, participate in a "mini" internship of sorts, volunteer in the local community, and much more.

Young people today are accustomed to receiving information quickly and at their convenience. Couple that with the fact that more and more students are involved with courses, athletics, or social activities in the evenings, and it quickly becomes apparent why this generation of students is less interested in learning about career-related topics in a workshop format. As this trend continues, we will rely even more heavily on faculty to open up short periods of classroom time for discussion of these matters.

With more than 16,200 students and four career counselors, it is very difficult for us to reach large numbers of students without these partnerships. They are critical to our success.

In addition to some of the examples above, we often visit classrooms to provide a general overview of our services and upcoming events (10 minutes – 1 hour). Or, you could bring your class to us! This is a great alternative to canceling class. If you cannot make your regular class time, don't cancel it. We would be happy to use that time to make a presentation.

To discuss how topics/approaches could be incorporated into your class, contact Hailey at or request a presentation. Our deepest gratitude to the many faculty who continue to support our efforts to teach essential career skills to St, Cloud State students.

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