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Integrating Career Information in the Classroom

We can assist you in integrating career information into your curriculum and help you determine the services and materials most appropriate for your class. To discuss integrating curriculum, contact the Career Center at careercenter@stcloudstate.edu.
In addition, here are some activities and assignments we have found to be very useful with students.

Reserve a computer lab and have your students complete the FOCUS. FOCUS is a computerized assessment and career resource tool that is available free of charge to all SCSU students and alumni. It will help you to explore your interests and skills and then suggest possible career options. Have students discuss their results with the class.


Have students complete the Major Decision Workbook and discuss results with the class.
Major Decision Workbook free download.

Major Decision Workbook

Have students complete an informational interview with someone in a field of interest. This is one of the most valuable sources of occupational information. While it may cover some of the same ground as printed material or information on a company website, it presents opportunities for an intimate and flexible inside view of a job field unmatched by other sources. The informational interview communicates the first hand experiences and impressions of someone in the occupation, and is directed by your questions. It may be easier to start by doing a family informational interview as it is good practice for the real thing!

Fall or spring break is a good time to introduce students to job shadowing. This gives the student first-hand experience of what the work environment is like.

Have students complete an Autobiography Assignment, to help students begin to search and understand their own self-concept.

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