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What is an Internship?

Risk Management Issues for Internships

To Report Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual or Gender Violence

To Report an Injury or Accident

Internship Site Visit Assistance

International Students and Internships

Form for Students Doing an International Internship

Internship Site Accommodations for students with Disabilities (PDF)

Faculty Guide for Reporting an Internship

Greater Minnesota Internship Tax Credit Program

Memorandum of Agreement - Required form between SCSU and the internship site (list of sites with completed MOA's). Questions may be directed to the Experiential Learning and Outreach Director in your college or school.

Lists of Internship Sites

What is an Internship?

An academic internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theories learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development in a professional setting. An internship provides students with an opportunity to develop their competencies as professionals in their area of study, while still being identified as learners, rather than solely as employees. Students earn academic credit and are evaluated according to a job description that is incorporated into a course.

This work/learning arrangement is overseen by a faculty member of the student's educational institution and by a designated employee of the host organization. The work/learning experience is usually the length of a semester, may be part-time or full-time, paid or unpaid. Academic learning objectives are integral to the internship, distinguishing them from volunteer positions or jobs. An Internship requires some form of reflection where students apply theories and concepts to their on-the-job experience to improve their performances as professionals."

Experiential Internship

There is no credit associated with an Experiential Internship and therefore no faculty/university supervision. The relationship exists only between the student and the internship host site.

Because of the lack of the academic component and supervision, students who choose this type of experience are cautioned to research each opportunity carefully and to make sure there is a written agreement which spells out internship responsibilities for the site and student intern, salary and time commitment.

Risk Management Issues for Interns

Are Your Student Interns Mandated Reporters?

Minnesota law requires workers in a number of professions, including health care, social service, psychological treatment, child care, education, corrections, law enforcement and clergy, to report suspected child maltreatment. To help mandated reporters better understand the law and reporting requirements, An Interactive Informational Guide for Mandated Reporting is now available. This comprehensive training is organized in six modules: an overview of Minnesota's child protection system, the intersection of poverty and neglect and a discussion of racial disparities, the basics of mandated reporting, physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect. The training is flexible, allowing users to navigate to any module at any time. After downloading the file, users are advised that if the navigation toolbar does not display at the bottom of the screen, to reduce the computer's task bar. Using the mouse, place the cursor on the top edge of the task bar until a double-headed arrow appears. Then drag downwards to collapse the toolbar and a navigation toolbar for the presentation will become visible.

Internship Site Visit Assistance

Internship Site Visits-Fact or Fiction

Could Adobe Connect Professional be the answer to your internship site visit dilemma?

Adobe Connect is an online Web Conferencing and collaboration tool. It provides multimedia capabilities that can be used for many activities such as meetings with internship hosts, group work, online office hours and interactive classes.
Adobe Connect Checklist (PDF)
Getting Started Guide for Participants (PDF)
Contact: Your College/Department Technician to request access to Adobe Connect

Form for Students Doing an International Internship

This form (PDF) is required for all students doing an international internship, or other international activity, and must be turned in to The Center for International Studies prior to departure, along with a copy of the passport and a flight itinerary. In addition, an insurance card for $68 must be purchased.

The Center for International Studies will register the student with the American Embassy and will keep the student's emergency contact information for central filing in case of an emergency.

Please note* All students engaged in an international activity credit-bearing or non-credit bearing (arranged by a faculty member or department) are considered students for liability purposes, if there is a tie to SCSU, for the activity abroad.

For questions or more information contact the Center for International Studies at 320-308-4287.

Join a Forum

Looking for a forum to discuss issues relevant to the administration of internship programs and the teaching of internship classes? Connect with over 800 subscribers to The Internship-Net listserv started in 1995 by Michael True, Director of the Internship Center at Messiah College in Pennsylvania.

To subscribe:

1) Send a message to

2) Keep the Subject line empty

3) In the Body of the email, type "subscribe internship-net first name last name" (without the quotes and using individual’s first and last name).

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“My choice to meet with the Career Center was by far the best move I could make in helping my search for internships. I entered the office having explored very little on my part and left with a good understanding of where to look to increase my success with many areas explored in the internship meeting. The communication does not end with your visit and since the people in the Career Center are dedicated to all students who seek help, you will surely have many options available to you."

Dan- Major ETS