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Incentive Programs

Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier when those around you have the same goal.

St. Cloud State University and Campus Recreation make that simple with two annual fitness incentive programs on campus.

Get ready to share a fit lifestyle with your co-workers, fellow students and friends.

21 Days of Fitness brought to you by Chartwells

October 23-December 13

Move more • Eat well • Meet new people • Smile often

Motivation is what gets you started • Habit is what keeps you going
Earn prizes for moving your body!
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21 Days of Fitness (FALL Oct 23-Dec 13) (SPRING Mar 19-May 2)

21 Days of Fitness brought to you by Chartwells

October 23-December 13

Move more • Eat well • Meet new people • Smile often

Motivation is what gets you started • Habit is what keeps you going
Earn prizes for moving your body!

Program Details

Purchase a Group X Membership, Fitness Center Membership or Combo Membership. Grab a 21 Days of Fitness card.

Five ways to earn signatures!

  1. Have an instructor sign your card after each GX class.
  2. Earn one signature by completing a Vital 11 workout consultation. Earn up to three signatures a week by completing Vital 11 workouts. Set up your Vital 11 consultation by emailing    
  3. Meet with Wellness Coach Tamarah- earn up to one signature a week. Coaching is FREE. To set up a meeting email:
  4. Meet the Campus Dietician Booths. Earn one signature by stopping in at one of these booths; Wednesday, October 25th 4:15-6:00pm • Wednesday, November 1st 4:15-6:00pm • Wednesday, November 15th 4:15-6:00pm. (Located by the GX studios in the Recreation Center)
  5. Leaderboard Challenge. Have a Fitness Center Employee sign after getting your name on the leaderboard in the Fitness Center.

    Leaderboard challenges include: max push-ups, 1 minute burpees, max pull-ups, deadlift, back squat, bench press, 500 meter row, 1000 meter row, plank for time, Du-athlon. Stop in the fitness center and ask an employee how to play.


  • After receiving 10 signatures from either completing GX classes, Vital 11 workouts, wellness coaching or leaderboard activities, present your card to an instructor and receive a Chartwells Coupon Book (guaranteed to the first 50).
  • After receiving 21 signatures, present your card to receive a t-shirt (guaranteed to the first 75).
  • All participants who complete 21 signatures are eligible for a chance to win one of three Gift Baskets from Chartwells.

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SCSU on the Move (Feb-Mar)

This wellness incentive program typically starts in January and lasts six weeks.

The program encourages participants to exercise and eat healthfully.

We help students, staff and faculty set healthful lifestyle goals and work together to achieve them.

Get Moving

  • Like the “SCSU on the Move Challenge” Facebook page!
  • The first 100 to register will receive a water bottle. All those who complete the 6-week challenge will receive an official t-shirt.
  • Once you register, we will email you details on our point system.
  • Our tracking progress is an honor system! Track your progress by recording your points each day.
  • Point details:
    • Earn a maximum of “28 exercise points” a week. You can earn up to 4 points a day.
      • 1 point for every 15 minutes of deliberate exercise — no carry over of points allowed.
    • Earn a maximum of “7 nutrition points” a week.
    • Earn “Stress down points” a week ( the number depends on the week).
    • Earn 1 point a day for completing the “Daily Workout Challenge.”
    • Earn 1 point a week by posting to the “SCSU on the Move Challenge” Facebook page.
      • Share recipes, photos, quotes, exercises and your non-scale victories.
    • Earn Bonus points each week. Details will be on the calendar and newsletter.
      • Free Fitness Fridays — 5 points (limited space; you must reserve a slot).
      • Speaker series — 5 points.
      • On Campus Photo Scavenger Hunt — 2 points.
      • Others to be announced.


  • $10 to those with a Fitness Center membership.
  • $20 for nonmembers

Staying on Track

Week 1 Newsletter Calendar Chart
Week 2 Newsletter Calendar Chart
Week 3 Newsletter Calendar Chart
Week 4 Newsletter Calendar Chart
Week 5 Newsletter Calendar Chart
Week 6 Newsletter Calendar Chart


  • The first 100 to register are guaranteed to receive an official water bottle.
  • Complete 6 weeks and receive an official completion t-shirt.

Wellness Champions

  • GRAND PRIZE: All of those who complete the 6-weeks have a chance to win a BOSU™.
  • Top 3 individuals with the most points win on of the following EnduRUNce shop gift certificates:
    • $100 shopping spree for the overall challenge winner.
    • $75 shopping spree for second place.
    • $50 shopping spree for third place.


Our sponsors will be announced when the 2018 program begins.