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Student Organizations Guidebook

The Student Organization Guidebook (PDF) outlines information, policies, procedures, rules and regulations for student organizations registered with Department of Campus Involvement.

Front Desk Services

The Department of Campus Involvement front desk provides services and assistance to student organizations, including answering a question and helping a group reserve table decorations. See our services and resources.


Get Involved - HuskiesConnect

HuskiesConnect is an online organization management system used to help students connect with events and involvement opportunities at St. Cloud State. Click the Organization Directory Link to see a full list of the current registered student organizations and other departments on campus. Contact the Student Organization Support Staff at if your organization is interested in additional HuskiesConnect Training.

Every student, faculty, and staff member at St. Cloud State University has access to HuskiesConnect. It’s simple! Login with your StarID and Password to use all these features:

  • RSVP to upcoming events on campus
  • Connect with more than 200 student organizations
  • Learn campus services
  • Start tracking your experiences with the Involvement Transcript
  • Set up a free personalized consultation with a Husky Involvement Guide

Organization Directory

HuskiesConnect Resource Guide (PDF)

Student Organization Newsletter

E-blast is a bi-weekly electronic newsletter sent to the leaders of student organizations. Topics include fundraising, volunteering, events, training opportunities and policy updates.

Organizations can submit items. See E-blast for submission deadlines and publication dates. 

To promote your event, send information to four weeks prior to event.

Read the E-blast editions.

Officer Resources


Fundraising Policies

Use the fundraising check list (PDF) for all your fundraising or philanthropy events. This helpful guide is a great resource to ensure the money from your event is processed efficiently and also includes useful tips and fundraising examples. 

Food Sales:

  • Any food-related sales anywhere on campus must be approved and coordinated through Chartwells Food Services
  • Contact Chartwells Catering at 320-308-4295

Sport Clubs:

  • Any event involving a sport club using university recreational facilities must be coordinated through Campus Recreation

Residence Halls:

  • Any event or programming using facilities in a Residence Hall must be coordinated through the Residential Life Department

Human Auctions:

  • Auctions which involve selling, bidding for, or in any way paying for person’s individual company or services are prohibited

Games of Chance/Raffles:

  • Gambling for money or other things of value on campus or at University sponsored activities is prohibited except as permitted by law (this includes but not limited to Bingo, Raffles, Sport Brackets, etc.)
  • Drawings are permitted where winner is selected randomly
  • Student Organization Support Staff can assist in the planning of events or answer specific gambling questions

For more information and all fundraising policies see fundraising section in Student Organization Guidebook (PDF).

On Campus Fundraising

Use the fundraising check list (PDF) for fundraising and philanthropy events. This helpful guide is a great resource to ensure the money from your event is processed efficiently and also includes useful tips and fundraising examples. 

Sport Facilities Event Cleanup

Chartwells Concession Fundraising

Cookout Events

Bake Sales

Off Campus/Community Fundraising

Use the fundraising check list (PDF) for all your fundraising or philanthropy events. Following the checklist will insure money from your event is processed efficiently. The checklist has tips for success and fundraising examples.

Off-campus charitable, not-for-profit and commercial enterprises offer programming opportunities, which often include sales. Such programs may be brought on campus under the co-sponsorship of registered student organizations.

It is recommended that when planning an off-campus fundraiser, organizations obtain written permission from the owner of the private property before scheduling an event. The permission form should include the date of the event, type of event, what the student organization will be doing, number of participants, contact person's name, address and phone number, and the type of security, if necessary. If more detailed arrangements are required, a written contract is recommended. A contract protects both parties and clearly spells out agreements in writing.

For off-campus events and events involving physical activity, insurance should be considered. A written disclaimer giving participants notice of risk should be provided. View our template release of liability form (PDF).

  • Step 1: Contact your local Vendor who can provide fundraising opportunity; and get their information (name, email, phone number of Manager).
  • Step 2: Complete fundraising application provided by the vendor.
  • Step 3: Contact the Student Organization Support Staff with any questions

If the company/organization is requesting a Certificate of Insurance for your fundraiser you can contact Carol Morgan

If the company/organization is requesting a Tax Exempt form in order to complete the fundraising application contact the Student Organization Support Staff.

Off-campus opportunities:

Funding Sources

This is not an exhaustive list of funding sources. Student organizations are encouraged to seek other funding sources that comply with St. Cloud State and Department of Campus Involvement policies.

Senate Finance Committee Free Balance and Reserve Funding: Registered student organizations may request funds through the free balance and/or reserve funds throughout the academic year. To be eligible to request reserve or free balance funding, organizations must have been registered with the University for at least 16 weeks.

Membership Dues: Registered student organizations are required to have a membership section to their constitution and to review and submit the constitution annually to Department of Campus Involvement. Student organizations may charge membership dues as listed in their constitution, and are encouraged to set the dues at a level that encourages student involvement.

Fundraising Events: A successful fundraiser can do much more for an organization than raise money. The event can commemorate an important day or week, build group and campus community, give event planning experience to new members and be an opportunity for campus and community visibility for the organization. Additional information regarding fundraising can be found in the Fundraising section of this guidebook.

Food Sales: Student organizations may reserve the grill for cookout fundraisers through Atwood Memorial Center Administrative offices. All food sales must be done in coordination with Chartwells. Chartwells staff can be reached at 320-308-4295.

Cultural Diversity Grants: The Cultural Diversity Committee annually solicits proposals from faculty, staff, management and students that address cultural diversity. Guidelines have included cultural diversity initiatives that emphasize the areas of student recruitment, student retention, and faculty/staff retention of domestic groups of racial and ethnic minorities. Projects may also address the areas of curriculum, campus and community environment. Questions regarding this grant should be directed to the Cultural Diversity Committee Chairperson at 320-308-4928.

Co-Sponsorship/Collaboration: It is recommended that student organizations collaborate and/or co-sponsor events with other student organizations or campus departments to share in the cost of the event and to reach a wider audience.

Vendor Sponsorship: Student organizations are welcome to solicit vendors to sponsor their event or portions of their event on their own. Department of Campus Involvement staff members are available to answer questions about vendor sponsorships. Student organizations should follow the appropriate promotional standards regarding vendor sponsorships.

Any inappropriate sponsors brought to the attention of the Department of Campus Involvement office will be investigated through procedures explained in St. Cloud State's Student Code of Conduct.

Event Planning


Reserving Space on Campus

Student Organization Catering

For student organization catering options, contact Chartwells at 320-308-4295 and

Ticket Sales

Student organizations can work with the Atwood Information Desk to sell tickets to their events. For information, contact Matt Trombley at or 320-308-3977.

Reserving a Cash Box

Provide these detailsat the Information Desk in Atwood Memorial Center:

  • Organization/Group name
  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Date cashbox is requested
  • Pickup time
  • Return cashbox date
  • List of people that can pick up the box


Co-sponsoring events with other student organizations is encouraged. However, co-sponsor money from a 334XXX account is not be considered "fundraised."

For more information, contact



Student organizations traveling for conferences, service projects and events must follow University guidelines (PDF).


  • Student organizations are not required to travel in university vehicles
  • It is recommended that advisers travel with students
  • Advisers are not liable for student organization travel, provided they do not knowingly condone violations of university policies and local, state and federal laws

Adviser Resources

Role of the Adviser

The University requires that each student organization be advised by at least one employee. Effective advising requires numerous skills normally associated with teaching or counseling and a willingness to commit time to these activities.

Advisers mentor and provide professional expertise to student organization members. Advisers are rewarded in knowing they have contributed to the growth and development of students.

Requirements to be a Student Organization Adviser

  • Must be a full-time St. Cloud State employee during the academic year in which one serves unless otherwise approved by the Department of Campus Involvement.
  • Serve without pay and not be provided release time from other professional duties unless specified in a job description.
  • Represent and protect the interests of St. Cloud State in all matters pertaining to the organization.

Benefits of Advising