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Executive Board members

Executive Board members

College Panhellenic Council

The Greek Life community includes four sororities: Delta Phi Epsilon, Delta Zeta, Kappa Phi Omega, and Theta Phi Alpha. Each chapter is made up of a diverse group of women, who have a passion for philanthropy, community, academics and sisterhood. These organizations offer wonderful leadership and networking opportunities to help create better women and better professionals.

As a first year student, I came to St. Cloud State as an out-of-state student who knew no one. Many members of my family had been involved in Greek Life at their respective universities, so I thought I would give it a try. I went through recruitment in the fall of 2014 and my life has been changed for the better ever since. Even just during recruitment, I made connections with so many amazing women. As the years have passed, my sisters have become my family, and I have found a home in the Greek community here at St. Cloud State.

Coming to college, I was very focused on getting my degree and moving on. However, after going Greek, I have learned that making connections with my peers and improving myself to become a well-rounded individual with a variety of skills applicable to various career fields is something I could never do without. I never would have thought that I would gain the leadership skills or the confidence to even think about being the College Panhellenic Council President.  

Every woman has a unique story as to why she joined the Greek Community at St. Cloud State, and they want to share their passion with you. If you are intrested in learning more about Greek Life and joining a sorority, contact me at

-- Megan Markin, past president, College Panhellenic Council 

Executive Board Members

  • President: Cheyenne Hanson

  • Vice President of Administration: Hlee Xiong

  • Vice President of Membership and Growth: Mercedes-Wayka-Bootz

  • Vice President of Networking and Communication: Ashley Adamsky

  • Vice President of Programming: 

  • Vice President of Rho Gammas: Carly Fredrick

  • Vice President of Scholarship: Emy Dominguez 


College Panhellenic Council Constitution and Bylaws (.doc)

Sorority Recruitment Rules (.docx)