Campus Card

New Campus Card

St. Cloud State University is updating the Campus Card for all of its students, employees and affiliates.

About the New Campus Card

This replacement of the official Campus ID improves security by providing secure, contractile access to secure doors on campus. The new cards have an updated look with a relation-based identification that distinguishes cards for students, employees and campus vendors/affiliates with a unique color for each group.

The new campus card is still easy to use and continues to be your official campus ID as well as your access to the University Library, meal plans, recreational facilities, activities, door access and Huskies Athletics events. 

The cards are not linked to TCF bank accounts.

New Campus Card Office location

The Campus Card Office i located in HuskyTech, Miller Center 102. Office hours are 8 a.m.-6 p.m. 

Getting Your New Campus Card

St. Cloud State students, faculty, staff and affiliates need to replace their old campus card free of charge by Jan. 31. Old versions of the Campus Card will no longer work as of Feb. 1, 2018. 

Stop by the Campus Card office anytime during business hours to get your new ID card. 


new student campus card sample imageThe new Campus Card is free and will replace your current card. 

You can drop into the Campus Card office at any time during business hours to have your new ID made. You will have a new photo taken when you come to replace your Campus Card. 

Faculty and staff

new faculty-staff campus card sample imageFaculty and staff can go to the Campus Card Office to obtain their new Campus Card.  

Faculty and staff members will get a new photo taken when they come to replace their Campus Card. The new Campus Card will be free. 

Campus vendors and affiliates

new campus card affiliate sample imageSt. Cloud State University vendors and affiliates will be notified by email or phone about the best time to get their new Campus Card. 

If you have question contact the Campus Card office at (320) 308-1683 or