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[Purchasing] [Professional/Technical Contracts] Contract Amendment

After an SCSU003 Professional/Technical Contract is fully executed, the terms that both parties are required to abide by have been set. A Professional/Technical Contract Amendment Form is needed to adjust or change any of the terms of an existing, fully executed contract (i.e. contract length, dollar amount, duties, etc.).

An amendment must be fully executed prior to the end date of the contract if extending the term and prior to additional work being done if extending the pricing. Any changes acted on prior to having a fully executed amendment will result in a 16A violation.

In completing the amendment form, please be sure to:

  1. Enter the PO# and current amendment number at the top of page 1.
  2. Delete any sections that have no changes to be made. 
  3. Delete all “help” and instructional language in brackets and italics. 
  4. In sections to be changed, copy and paste the information from the original contract to the amendment.  Use the strike-over option within your MSword toolbar to strike through the original information. Immediately following, enter the new information and/or pricing.  We must be able to see all prior and current information.
  5. As with the original contract, amendments must have all original signatures to become fully executed and valid.

NOTE:  There are four required signatures. The signature blocks are in a different order than the signature page of the original contract so please pay close attention to who is signing in what blank. Those signing should be the same names that were on the original contract.