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[Purchasing] [Professional/Technical Contracts] Contract Form SCSU003

Requests for Consulting or Instructional Services over $3,000 require a SCSU003 contract. It is encouraged, whenever possible, to combine all amounts into compensation as an all-inclusive payment situation. Separating compensation and travel reimbursement will obligate the contractor to invoice us and/or complete the Professional/Technical Contract Expense Reimbursement form and attach the itemized paid receipts according to the commissioner’s plan and state travel policy.  Note: Any contract situation which includes the reimbursement of travel expenses or requires payments to be made throughout the term of the contract, (regardless of the amount) must be processed using the SCSU003 contract form:

Professional/Technical Services contract SCSU003 (doc)

For more information on contracting with or without reimbursement of contractor expenses, click here.

Contracts in excess of $100,000 and the contractor has more than 40 full-time employees may require an attachment incorporating Affirmative Action Requirements and Equal Pay Certification requirements. Contracts involving the storage, processing or transmittal of payment card account numbers need the Payment Card Industry Date Security clause attachment incorporated. The requirements for each are addressed in more detail in clause 19 through 21 of the SCSU contract. These attachments can be found here.


  1. If the type of work requires an HR determination, submit a completed Independent Contractor/Employee Status Form to Human Resources for approval prior to offering a contract.
  2. Enter your purchase order request through PCS using 15XX, 1910 or other appropriate object code. The description must include the type of work, performance or presentation, date(s), location, etc…
  3. Indicate in the PCS memo that the SCSU003 contract is being used.  Enter the Social Security Number, Federal Taxpayer ID Number or Minnesota Tax ID Number that was confirmed with the contractor to be used. Since vendors can have more than one tax identification number, you must always be sure you are contracting with them using the ID# they intended.  If there are attachments, such as an HR Determination, note this in the memo as well. Reference the PO# on the form and submit it to the Purchasing Department.
  4. Release your purchase order/contract request to the Purchasing Department (050 status.)
  5. The Purchasing Department will pre-audit your request and the contract documents and proceed under the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Purchasing guidelines. Your purchase order/contract request will remain in 230 status until the contracts become fully executed and valid with four signatures. If the request is not entered and approved in PCS prior to the date of the contract, you may be required to complete and return a letter of explanation (16A), before payment will be issued.
  6. Complete the online SCSU003 contract.  Be sure to reference the purchase order number on the front of the contract.  It is best to provide enough detail within the contractor’s duties in order to link phases of work to payment terms when there will be multiple payments made throughout the contract.
  7. Obtain signature of approval in Block #3 on the last page of the contract. The College Dean or Associate Dean will likely have the authority to sign the contract.  Be aware of their delegation limits.
  8. Send the contract to the vendor to sign Block #1.
  9. Please note, all signatures on this contract MUST be original.  Electronic signatures are not an option at this time.
  10. When the signed contract is received back from the vendor, indicate in the PCS memo the contract is being sent to Purchasing via intra-campus mail.
  11. Submit one original contract to the contract coordinator in Purchasing, 122 Administrative Services. The original must remain in Business Services for audit purposes. If you wish to receive copies of the fully executed contract, you must submit those copies with the original. Once the contract is fully executed the copies will be returned to you.
  12. If all Minnesota State Colleges and Universities purchasing requirements are met in the pre-audit, Purchasing will approve the contract by signing (#2 Verified As To Encumbrance and #4 As To Form And Execution.) The associated PO will be updated to status 450.
  13. After the vendor has met their contract obligations, the responsible person verifies the vendor met these obligations by signing the professional/technical authorization form and returning it to the Purchasing Department for payment or by signing off on the invoice submitted by the contractor.
  14. Please contact extension 8-3136 for procedure questions.