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[Purchasing] [Purchasing Manual] Code of Ethics and Governing Statutes & Policies

Code of Ethics

State employees are covered by Minnesota Statute 43A.38 Code of Ethics and Minnesota Statute 43A.39 Compliance with Law. It covers such topics as acceptance of gifts, conflicts of interest, and use of confidential information.

Per Minnesota State Policy 5.14.5 Part 11 Subpart B:

"Minnesota Statute 15.43 states that no employee of the state in direct contact with suppliers or potential suppliers to the state, or who may directly or indirectly influence a purchasing decision or contract by establishing specifications, testing purchased products, evaluating contracted services, or otherwise has official involvement in the purchasing or contracting process may:

  1. Have any financial interest or have any personal beneficial interest directly or indirectly in the contracts or purchase orders for goods or services used by, or purchased for resale or furnished to the system office, college or university; or
  2. Accept directly or indirectly from a person, firm, or corporation to which a contract or purchase order has been or may be, awarded, a rebate, gift, money, or anything of value other than items of nominal value. No such employee may further accept any promise, obligation or contract for future reward.

Textbooks, software, and other course materials authored by an employee of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities may be used as required course material. Instructors may accept free samples of textbooks and related teaching materials.”

Violation of the procedures above may result in reduced spending authority.


Governing Statutes & Policies

Minnesota Statute 43A.38 Code of Ethics

Minnesota Statute 43A.39 Compliance with Law

Minnesota Statute 471.345, Uniform Municipal Contracting Law

Minnesota Statute 16A.15 Accounting System, Allotment and Encumbrance

Minnesota State Policy 5.14 Procurements and Contracts

Minnesota State Policy 5.14.5 Purchasing Procedure