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[Purchasing] [Purchasing Manual] Single/Sole Source Items

Definition: Sole source items are items that can only be purchased from one source because that one source legally controls the sale or distribution of the items. Sole source items are NOT available on the competitive, open market, but must be purchased from only one source. Some examples of possible sole source purchases are:

  • Computer Software (including licensing, license renewals, rental and software maintenance services)
  • Educational Supplies
  • Equipment Maintenance Agreements
  • Repair Parts
  • Subscriptions
  • Advertising

Policy: Sole source purchases are required to follow all purchasing procedures except the requirement of competitive process. To justify sole source, the Single Source Exception to Board Policy form is completed to obtain documentation from the vendor proving sole source and provide justification as to why the sole source item is necessary.

Procedure: The department should process a purchase order request through PCS. Sole source purchase order requests of $15,000 or more require one written quote from the sole source vendor along with the Single Source Exception form completed and signed.

Reference all documents in the memo of the purchase order request and send them to Business Services.

Purchase requests over $100,000 will require the approval of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Vice Chancellor-Chief Financial Officer.